11th April 2018

Cremorne interior photo shoot. 

9th February 2018

Emma Blomfield

22nd October 2017

Kyle Clarke

6th October 2017

Nevena Tepic

13th September 2017

The Bower Byron Bay

26th August 2017

Lottoland Australia

Behind the scenes photos captured for Lottoland Australia.

16th August 2017

Your Brand Live 

Behind the scenes photos captured for Your Brand Live at the Prix de Marie Claire Awards 2017.

31st July 2017

Edmonds and Greer

Edmonds and Greer, if you haven't yet, you should! Gorgeous little cafe in Oatley.

22nd July 2017


A few photographs I captured whilst assisting on a film shoot for Adidas. Thanks to MEDIAIDEM for allowing myself the opportunity to capture the BTS.

Moel: Steph Smith

14th July 2017

Flying In Style

What a great life! In sea plane flying over Sydney today for work... keeps getting better! 

Moel: Tammy Christina 

Tammy Christina by Liam Molloy

3rd July 2017

Beach Run

Running away from winter!

Moel: Emma Louise

Emma Louise by Liam Molloy

27th June 2017

Natural Light

When the light is just so great, I wasn’t going to leave without capturing the next post for my Instagram feed… Hell yeah for natural light!! 

Moel: Carissa Walford

Carissa Walford by Liam Molloy.

25th June 2017

Maki Lesko

How do you tell when you have “made it”?  A question that often lingers within my mind. Is their a specific following I must acquire?  Do I have to be making a certain income?  Will I need a particular piece of equipment?  Can I say I have made it and only be 18?  Whilst I believe strongly I haven’t made it under a number of these components, I do believe I have made it under the component of “Are you happy for the passion you live for?”.  Once you are happy doing something you are passionate about and stop worrying about the components of making it, everything will fall into place I believe.  I am happy to produce content I am passionate for and if I somehow I can reach a wider audience, I believe then I have “made it”.  Be happy for what you are passionate about and everything else will follow!

This image I captured today down at Bondi Beach. I couldn’t have been happier with how today’s shoot turned out! 

Moel: Maki Lesko

Makeup Artist Samantha Picello

24th June 2017

Lydia Pedrana

This morning I hung out in Woollahara with Lydia taking some happy snaps for her portfolio.

20th June 2017

Lincoln Lewis

What an absolute cracker it was this afternoon working with Lincoln Lewis at Bondi Beach! We had an hour and a half to shoot with the sun setting quickly! Scouting a location for the perfect image was not going to be easy, however we managed to capture it just in time!

19th June 2017

Shooting In Woollahara For First Time

A couple of weeks ago I was passing through Woollahara and believed it would be a quality location for an image I had visualised for quiet some time. Today I had the opportunity of working with two talented individuals to create this scene. My main focus was to showcase the models coat. 

Model: Jessica Carson

Makeup Artist: Bee King

16th June 2017

Raechelle Banno & Karina Banno

How do you define best friends? This morning I was photographing Raechelle Banno and Karina Banno in the beautiful Surry Hills of Sydney. What I see in this picture is the epitome of what I believe best friends can be. Sisters for life. Why I love getting out and shooting with different individuals so much? Each and everyone has a story to share. This morning I heard all about two sisters on a mission to conquer an acting career. Don’t give up on your dreams!

10th June 2017

Scott Tweedie

I rarely find myself in front of a camera, yet yesterday I received the chance to take part in Scott Tweedie mini series where he is endeavouring to interview individuals he believes hone a particular set of creative skills. I feel honoured to have been asked to take part in this series. My main form of motivation to keep doing what I do, is the support I receive from my viewers. If you like what hear and see, please like my photos or go one step further and drop me a nice comment. The more support I receive, the further I'll push myself!

8th June 2017

The Place I Call Home

On days like today, when all the weather does is rain, I like to assign myself mini projects. Welcome to the place I call home. For 19 years I’ve known this place to be warm, loving and caring. It’s the images hung upon the wall I have captured throughout different stages in my life, the pillows I sit with every night, the candles that burn and most of all, the warmth in which the fire throws off. With this in mind, I knew instantly the of image I would be calling home. 

21st May 2017

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017

May 14, Mothers Day. However in my case, it's the start to a week of exquisite fashion. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017 opened with Dion Lee show caseing itself under the sales of the Opera House. 

Following Dion Lee, my Fashion week journey consisted of little sleep, long days with limited time to eat, and way too much coffee. This lifestyle is reserved for Fashion Week only! It's tough on the body, draining on the mind but the rewards of image sensory overload is an adrenaline rush that I, as a photographer thrive on. The images I captured at Fashion Week 2017 I will cherish, extraordinary friendships were formed and future clients were uncovered. 

I was fortunate working with Sydney based photographer, Esteban La Tessa, covering the backstage atmosphere at the Mariam Seddiq show. Imagine yourself.... one of 50 people in a backstage room, engulfed in the chaos of models changing outfits, hair and make-up to be touched up, media struggling between the mosh pit of this production, producers directing a show with a roar for who is to walk the runway next. It's like being at concert! In amongst this pandemonium I am lining up models for "final look" photographs, social photos and others as requested.   The challenge is set and the brief must be met before I feel I have completed the task assigned for the day. 

I can safely say I was exhausted each night when I fell into bed, only to find my morning alarm bellowing to welcome me into another Fashion Filled Day.

If I had to wrap up fashion week in a sentence. "I loved it!  Purely adrenalin fuelled and I can't wait for next season!"

10th April 2017

5 Tip Guide Towards Hiring The Right Photographer

Hiring a photographer can be daunting. It's down to you to pick the right one to capture the assigned brief perfectly. You can't afford to overlook 5 key points that Liam will discuss in his "5 Tip Guide Towards Hiring The Right Photographer". Read below and you will find yourself a little more knowledgeable and comfortable picking the right photographer.

Liam's 5 Tips:

Step 1 - Specialises in Your Required Area of Photography
You may be so overwhelmed, you don't know where to begin looking when hiring a photographer. That is because photographers range from hobbyists to professionals. My advice is to research photographers who specialise in the particular area of photography you're interested in requiring his/her services for. For example; if you're having a 21st Birthday event, I recommend looking for photographers who work as event photographers, not sport, landscape, news, fashion etc... A general rule of thumb is that your hobbyists will be willing to take on as much experience they can acquire, whilst intermediate/professional photographers will only be acquiring jobs in which they find themselves specialising in. 

Step 2 - Review Their Portfolio of Work
Now that you have found a photographer who specialises in your area of requirement, it's time to review their work. Weather it be their website, social media, gallery etc... You want to find a consistency of quality through out their images. Key points to look for are sharpness, composure and natural edits (contrast, clarity, exposure, saturation). As you look through the images, keep these points in mind and tick the images off as you pass through.  

Step 3 - A Good Photographer Won't Be Cheap
Generally you will be required to get in touch with the photographer in regards to pricing as this area fluctuates depending on job briefings, time required, licensing etc... However, at the end of the day, like most services available, you're paying for quality. A good photographer generally speaking will be one who is a full time professional who specialises in a particular area. 

Step 4 - Past Experience/Clients
How long have they been in the profession? When did they begin photographing in their specialised area of photography? Have they studied photography? Where did they learn their skill? These sort of questions are what I would ask in regards to experience. Keep in mind with photography, it's experience that determines the quality.  To further examine the photographer, look at their past clients, who have they worked with in the past? Particularly for commercial photographers, their previous clients is a major factor when accessing photographer options. On the other hand, if you're getting married and believe you have found the right photographer, ask for previous client details and contact them direct to seek an honest opinion as to how the photographer presented and delivered the final product. Past experience and client referrals is a determinant I recommend you review closely. 

Step 5 - Overall Presentation
Last but not least, the overall presentation the photographer is offering. Is your photographers website/portfolio crisp? Is your photographer thorough when talking with, dressed appropriately, knowledgable, quick to find a solution and always putting the client first. The overall presentation is what will complete your final decision.

I hope this assists you in gaining the right photographer for your assignment.